Tactical Wearable Technology 


Communications Platform

For the soldier of the futurE

in the world of today

At Superior Futures Technologies (SFTech), we BELIEVE in the elimination of miscommunication, enhanced tactical effectiveness, combined with world-class innovation to solve Mission Critical Problems or Capability Gaps for the Department of Defense, Private Sector Security, and other Emergency Sectors.

Our solutions are designed to be in direct alignment with Army Futures Command Modernization initiatives outlined by various Cross Functional Teams, Mosaic Warfare tactics, and initiatives around Distributed Operations to create and maintain Overmatch on the Next Generation Battlefield. These solutions are highly adaptable to various sectors / industries such as Private Sector Security, Emergency Medical, and Logistics.

At SFTech, we are a team of Subject Matter Experts in the fields of:

Emerging Technology


Executive Security

Medical Triage

Human Performance

 Wearable Technology

Mixed Reality

Distributed Computing / Collaborative Computing

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Purpose Built Solutions 

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Learn how to see. realize that everything
connects to everything else." 


-Leonardo Da Vinci-