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Department of Homeland Security Wearable Technology

Updated: May 5, 2018

For the Soldier of the Future in the World of Today.
TWT's (Tactical Wearable Technologies)
provide the tools necessary for success and survival in chaotic environments.

Stealth Performance Communication believes in a smarter, stronger and more proficient First Responder. We provide the tools necessary to enhance the real-time capabilities our professionals and record bio-metric data that is critical for a variety of factors. The main focus of this data is to provide personalized physical training protocol to make you better at your job based off of YOUR body's response to chaos.

DHS has two critical objectives with their Science and Technology Department:
Improving the SAFETY and EFFECTIVENESS of our First Responders.

NGFR (Next Generation First Responders) Apex Program

NGFR Program by the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Dept are seeking:
*Superior communication connectivity
*Supportive Artificial Intelligence system (Level 2-3 AI)
*Multiple hardware/software integration
*Direct dispatch-to-responder alerts
*Real time feedback/data collection

The Vertical Integration of these sectors of technology will allow for seamless exchange of communication in a combination of voice, image, and data exchange. In addition, it will allow for interface with surrounding IOT (Internet of Things) technology, such as: CCTV technology, drones, and access to buildings and mission information. Biometrics/Telemetry technologies will provide real-time medical data that is useful for combat medics and future mission design.

The number one focus of the NGFR Apex Program is communication. There is a need to be fully aware that is not being fulfilled. Stealth Performance Communication devices supply the necessary information for professionals to adequately do their jobs. DHS is particularly interested in GPS and location technologies embedded within the systems for accountability and safety. For example, Check our Blog on the HANDLE robot from Boston Dynamics that could aid combat medics via GPS and other positioning systems to locate injured solders and navigate the battlefield.

These objectives are brilliantly displayed in the following three videos:

DHS speech on Wearable Technology and First Responders:

(This is a longer explanation of DHS and First Responder Technology needs.)

For the Next Generation of technologies for First Responders, Check out:


For the Soldier of the Future in the World of Today.
Stealth Performance Communication

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