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ELEVATE (ROTC & University Program)

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Enhancing Leaders Electronically & Virtually with Adaptive Technologies & Education

ELEVATE is a Superior Futures Technologies "SFTech" Program to support modernization initiatives of Army Futures Command and other Elite Department of Defense entities regarding "assets" for Hyper-Enabled Operators, seamless Emerging Technology Integration, and converging those efforts to create Overmatch for Joint All-Domain Operations.

Department of Defense rendering of Mosaic Warfare: (Multi / All-Domain Operations)



What's in the Future for Futures Command? https://youtu.be/kuOH_Zgupnw

Air Force MDO:


Air Combat Command MDO

Over 20 Universities, 35+ ROTC Units, and numerous Emerging Technology Companies are joining our mission at ELEVATE.

Please let us know if you're interested in joining as well!


The ELEVATE Program is designed to stimulate the understanding of Emerging Technologies and Tactics for ROTC Cadets, now and capabilities around the corner. Additionally, our team highlights collaboration with Key Departments at the Universities/ Institutions, combined with critical Industry Leaders/ Innovators, in order to expedite the learning curve necessary for modernization efforts of Army Futures Command, SOCOM, Naval Special Warfare Center, Space Force, and other elite DoD entities; in addition to, helping solve mission critical capability gaps. These converging efforts from industry and institutions are creating game-changing knowledge campaigns, training opportunities, and capability gap solutions for the Department of Defense's modernization efforts and requests through 2035.

*The Goal of ELEVATE is to expedite the DoD's Modernization Timelines for Development, Integration, and Implementation of Emerging Technologies & Tactics for Overmatch in Joint All-Domain Operations and Mosaic Warfare scenarios.

DoD's representation of Joint All-Domain Operations:

Army Futures Command initiatives are organized into Cross Functional Teams:

  • Long-range precision fires (LRP)

  • Next generation combat vehicle (NGCV)

  • Future vertical lift (FVL)

  • Network command, control, communication, and intelligence

  • Assured positioning, navigation, and timing (A-PNT)

  • Air and missile defense (AMD)

  • Soldier lethality (SL)

  • Synthetic training environment (STE)

*Several others are emerging*

General Mike Murray : 🇺🇲🦅

Army Futures Command ⭐⭐⭐⭐ General

"3+2 model, (Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Autonomy, along with Networks and Data)"

TRADOC Article on CFTs and Modernization Efforts:


AFC's developments support Joint All-Domain Operations, which converge together to support full DoD initiatives that create and maintain Overmatch in Mosaic Warfare scenarios with other branches.

(Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Space Force + CONUS support for response / mitigation of Terrorist and other Emergency Events on the Homeland).

Although each branch will have some specialized capabilities, the Joint Chiefs have developed and are enhancing a Superior Military Force that fights as one dominant and precise unit with Undeniable, Relentless, and Reliable Overmatch that is instantly deployable, overwhelmingly prepared, and adequately scalable.

Superior Futures Technologies (SFTech) supports these critical missions in various ways, The ELEVATE program is just one of our supporting mechanisms for Next Generation Dominance of Hyper-Enabled Operators and the entire Department of Defense. SFTech is ultimately decreasing the OODA Loop's timeline (Observe, Orient, Decide and Act) making HEO's far more Lethal with greater Survivability.

Future Military Leaders helping to solve Future (& Current) Military Problems.

Warrior Corner Robotics: YouTube

1. ELEVATE creates opportunities for Collaborative Testing of cutting-edge technologies from different providers of Drones, Robotics (land, air and sea), Autonomous Vehicles, Sensors, K9 vests, and other Emerging Technologies to gather critical information for the industry developers and valuable experience for DoD operators.

This program can directly accelerate innovation development, decrease various DoD program costs, and deliver world-class opportunities to cadets. In addition, our team at SFTech can "mirror" any desired technologies/capabilities in a VR/AR (Mixed Reality) environment with some of the best visual effects on the planet.

These capabilities can be leveraged by the One World Terrain Synthetic Training Environment Cross Functional Team and the IVAS program for the Soldier Lethality CFT.

2. ELEVATE provides Cadets with opportunities to expedite the merging process with the Modernization Efforts of the DoD and the technologies supporting / enhancing those efforts. (We can reduce years off of the current timelines.)

By Introducing the capabilities now, Cadets will start the "paradigm shift" required for understanding the rapidly approaching "future battlefield". In addition, Cadets learn how to use technology assets to their advantage, and the Force Multiplying Attributes these technologies can provide for their Unit / Misison. Furthermore, Cadets will learn how these distributed asset capabilities will substantially increase Overmatch on the battlefield, with the bonus abilites to adapt and scale relentlessly.

The Cadet's expedited understanding of the Modernization Efforts and capabilities of Emerging Technologies will make the adoption of more cutting-edge technologies significantly easier for the DoD's 2028, 2035 & 2050 initiatives.

3. ELEVATE creates collaboration with key programs within the University that will be essential for Subject Matter Experts to add value to DoD directives. This will also supply various opportunities for Internships, Dissertations, and STEM Careers for Cadets and Students of other departments!

(Engineering, Mathematics, Robotics, Medical, Computer Engineering, Game Development, Textiles, Additive Manufacturering, 3D Printing etc.)

We will have mentoring and educational segments/ materials provided by Subject Matter Experts in various fields: Advance Warfare, Counter Intelligence, Emergency/ Tactical Medical Care, Emerging Technologies, Strategists, Human Performance and more!

SFTech will host Entrepreneur Pitch Competitions for solving mission critical capability gaps, enhancing unmanned solutions, and other emerging technologies breakthroughs. These pitch competitions with be massive opportunities for ALL entrepreneurs involved.

Superior Futures Technologies (SFTech) will be the "Tip of the Spear" for leading the ELEVATE Program in support of the DoD mission around Joint All-Domain Operations Initiatives across the nation.

For more information on the ELEVATE Program, Internship Opportunities, or Emerging Technology Education Program email us for details!

2021 ELEVATE PBS Program: (Purpose Built Solutions) Innovation Creation for Department of Defense: SFTechnologies with assistance from Texas A&M!

We proudly support the Modernization Initiatives set forth by the Joint Chiefs for our DoD's National Defense Strategy in 2028, 2035, and 2050.

These Initiatives are very important to maintain Overmatch, enhance Distributed Operations (Mosaic Warfare/ Joint All-Domain Operations), and revolutionize Soldier Lethality/ Survivability.

Check out Superior Futures work in Mixed Reality ("MR/XR" various forms of VR & AR):


Director: Jordon Kestner


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