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Our Government Has Failed Us

Updated: Apr 24, 2018

“A school shooting at…” “Another school shooting…” is a common headline now a day. 28 school-related deaths have occurred in 2018 alone, but this is not anything new. We have struggled with school-related incidents involving weapons and firearms since 1764. By now, you would think that legislation and technology would have merged to mitigate the countless lives lost due to poor communication between first responder agencies.

Stealth Performance Communication (SPC), a global wearable technology start-up, is focused on saving lives by eliminating front-line miscommunications for US Military Service Members, Law Enforcement, Security, Medical and all other first responders.

SPC has created a solution by providing a multifunctional, secure, instantaneous cross-agency platform to communicate through with a connected wearable device enabling law enforcement and first responders to react faster in emergency situations. Which, in result, will minimize casualties.

SPC is a participant in the Disruptive Innovation Forum where the Pentagon and DC Park Police have verbalized interest in beta testing our solution. Other agencies and State Officials have inquired about acquiring our solution and incorporating it into their plans in deterring and mitigating casualties during chaotic events.

A meeting was coordinated and scheduled in DC, on April 20th where 30 Senators, Governors, Representatives, and staff received and confirmed our invitation, but none attended and all the while in Ocala, FL another school shooting was occurring. The citizens of the United States deserve and demand a better response from our national leaders because one more senseless death on school grounds is simply unacceptable.

Early Sunday morning, April 22nd, in Nashville TN, a naked gunman entered a Waffle House and killed 4 innocent civilians. Travis Reinking was at large for a whole day after this catastrophe. SPC could have prevented this man from fleeing the scene, which would have kept other innocent lives safe. SPC could have mitigated the aftermath and deaths that didn't occur from impact as well.

How many more Mass Casualty Events have to happen before Congress gives our solution an opportunity?

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