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Mixed Reality (VR/AR)

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Superior Futures Technologies Mixed Reality capabilities As highlighted in our ELEVATE Program for ROTC Units and Universities

One of our passions at Superior Futures Technologies is world-class Mixed Reality Simulations, Futuristic Prototyping, Virtual Training, Design Testing, and Operational Augmentation/ Enhancement.

All of our developments are based on Soldier Centric/ End User Design to maximize deliverables and capabilities to the warfighter. Our Directors are experts in Synthetic Realism for Simulations, Analytical Accuracy, and Operational Functionality. They have over 20 years of experience and were lead designers for Call of Duty.

Check out this video of our Mixed Reality Capabilities at SFTECH:


We can customize similar capabilities for your technologies:

"Train as you fight, fight as you train":


"SFTech can "mirror"/ customize any desired technologies/capabilities in a VR/AR (Mixed Reality) environment with some of the best visual effects on the planet. This enables Train, Rehearse and Fight with the same technologies in order to maximize transfer of skills to the battlefield.

These capabilities can be leveraged by the "One World Terrain" program in the Synthetic Training Environment Cross Functional Team and the IVAS program for the Soldier Lethality CFT."

Soldier Lethality CFT: "The Premier Weapons System of the DoD is the Soldier" -Soldier Centric Design and Tactics for Hyper-Enabled Operators:


We encourage companies to speak with the SFTech team about becoming "uploadable" to the One World Terrain Simulation for the Synthetic Training Environment Cross Functional Team and Special Operations training. In addition, when products are prepared to integrate directly with STE and the IVAS (Integrated Visual Augmentation System), it will make them a more cost-effective, mission ready, and appealing for Army Futures Command, SOCOM, and Joint Operations by solving current + future battlefield threats. These are strong attributes for Acquisitions, SBIR/STTR grants, and OTA proposals by expediting full integration process. This foundational approach is highly applicable to Drones, Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles, Various Sensors, K9 Technologies, Helicopters, Airplanes, Boats etc.


SFTech creates simulations for various products + configurations of those products with different capabilities & features prior to full development.

Saving TIME and MONEY.

Not only are these VR Prototypes cost-effective in the manufacturing process, but these prototypes are also foundational to create analytical data from the simulations that can be used for user feedback, product developmet, remote presentations/ sales (highly applicable to circumvent COVID restrictions), scalable + interactive training, and iterative testing.

Once your product is prepared for VR/AR training, the SFTech team can complete the special integration required for your Mixed Reality System to work with the One World Terrain simulation for the Department of Defense and IVAS (Integrated Visual Augmentation System. This makes your products functional in Mosaic Warfare settings, visible to the warfighter via augmentation on the battlefield, and linked to Synthetic Training Environment for more effective and transferable skills + enhanced mission training/ planning remotely.


The Synthetic Training Environment Cross Functional Team (STE CFT) is directly supporting the Soldier Lethality CFT. Both of these teams (Soldier Lethality and STE) are contributing to the IVAS mission (Integrated Visual Augmentation System). This is a critical part of Army Futures Command original initiative of "Train, Rehearse, and Fight" for optimal transfer of capabilities from training to the battlefield. SFTech can prepare your products to be interoperable and instantly deployable upon request.

Warrior Corner:



Synthetic Training Environment CFT:


Rendering from the STE Augmented Reality Training Test

Recent Progression of IVAS

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