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Preventing The Las Vegas Shootings using Wearable Technology

Updated: May 5, 2018

Stealth Performance Communication's Tactical Wearable Technology and Dedicated Communications Platform could have PREVENTED the Las Vegas Shootings, where 59 people lost their lives!

More Information on Las Vegas Shootings:

Official FBI Timeline:

9:59 PM- Over 200 shots fired by Paddock in Mandalay Bay Hotel without a single Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer notified.

10:05 PM- The infamous "Las Vegas Massacre" occurs. This should have never happened. With clear communications of the original altercation 6 minutes earlier, innocent concert goers would have never lost their lives.

According to the next video, the police did not know about the 200 shots fired 6 minutes before "the shots" were fired into the crowd at the concert. This obviously highlights a major gap in First Responder's communications, which is directly solved by Stealth Performance Communication (SPC). The communications surrounding this event were absolutely unacceptable. Had SPC been used for First Responders and Event Staff communications, this would have never happened and those 59 lives would NOT have been lost.

Randy Sutton, former Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept. Lieutenant, clearly states in the following video that communications were the primary reason that professionals could not do their jobs. We break that barrier at Stealth Performance Communication. We provide the platform combined with the tools necessary to communicate and save lives during chaotic events and emergencies.

To learn more about our solutions for event security, please visit us at:


Our superior communications and Tactical Wearable Technology combines cutting-edge techniques to provide instantaneous emergency communications coupled with real-time bio-metric feedback for variety of proprietary uses. Had the professionals involved in the Las Vegas shootings been using Stealth Performance Communication, they would have been on the same page at the exact same time allowing them to respond based off of their world-class training, and not hindered by the lack of communication capabilities.

We are perfect for the Department of Homeland Security's NGFR Apex Program (Next Generation First Responder), we strengthen the Automated Critical Asset Management System (ACAMS) and PCII (Protected Critical Infrastructure Information) as well. In addition to being perfect for these programs and preventing the Las Vegas shootings, SPC could have drastically reduced the aftermath of the Parkland School Shootings and other mass shootings in the United States with fast, clear, consistent communications.

Outside of issues with the FBI and nearly 50 direct communications with local Police Officers, teachers had poor communications with the emergency response team with the school. As a result, officers did not enter because many received false information leading to the miscommunication that the shots were being fired from outside. This critical breakdown in communications led to many of the students deaths. All response times could have been improved with SPC's connectivity. Our application allows teachers to directly alert Police, EMT's, and security officers all at the same time. Which, in result, allows these first class responders to do their job.

Since the Columbine shooting, police protocol states that police must directly engage the active shooter. This means directly bypassing critically injured students, which results in getting the active shooter down faster. If a police officer were to stop for even 2-3 minutes to attend to an injured person(s), then this could result in 20 or more casualties simply because the active shooter has not been stopped. The best case scenario is to have EMT's and Officers arriving at the same time. This perfect situation is created by Stealth Performance Communication. Had the first responders and school been equipped with our system, the teachers could have immediately notified the police and EMTs at the exact same time, allowing for immediate emergency response. This will result with Police an EMTs entering the school together, where police can actively pursue the shooter, and EMTs can provide emergency medical assistance to injured individuals.

Here is our podcast on Cigars and Sea Stories on how we could have prevented the Parkland shooting with our communication platform.


The shooter, Devin Kelly, once escaped from a mental institution in New Mexico in 2012, after beating his wife and child. In addition to this assault and battery, the crazed gunman was once reprimanded for threatening his superiors on an Air Force base and for smuggling weapons. The Air Force admitted that they did not report this information to the FBI as required by Federal Law. If this would have happened, Devin Kelly would have never been able to legally purchase his murder weapon, the AR-15. There are already gun laws in place to have prevented this catastrophe. Instead, several professional entities failed to do their jobs, including: the FBI, local police, New Mexico Insane Asylum, and the Air Force. This is the same narrative for the Parkland School Shooting and Pulse Night Club Shooting.

If it weren't for Stephen Willeford, an NRA Instructor from Texas who chased down and shot Devin Kelly after the shooting with his own personal AR-15, the Texas Church Shooting would fit in the same narrative as Parkland and Pulse. But, since an innocent civilian used his own weapon for a polar opposite agenda, this situation is overlooked and forgotten by the mainstream media because it shuts down the agenda for gun control.

Amazing interview on Louder With Crowder between Steven Crowder and Stephen Willeford.

Another shooting that doesn't fit the narrative is Great Mills High School Shooting in Maryland.

Austin Wyatt Rollins used a hand gun, which is used in 80% of all US mass shootings (4 or more casualties by Federal Standards), to shoot 2 of his classmates at 7:55am. The shots critically injured Jaelynn Willey. School Resource Officer, doubling for the SWAT team, Blaine Gaskill, responded in less than 1 minute to the emergency. By responding so quickly, Blaine prevented further casualties from occurring. This is a prime example of how armed Security and immediate response can drastically change the outcome of an emergency situation. This is what we strive to do at Stealth Performance Communication and what we want to achieve for every mass casualty situation that occurs.

Here are the top 10 most dangerous schools in the United States

Sources Here

10) Wilkinsburg Middle School, Pennsylvania

9) Northwestern High School, Baltimore, Maryland

8) DeWitt Clinton High School, New York

7) Fort Pierce Westwood High School, St. Lucie, Florida

6) Strawberry Mansion High School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

5) Abraham Lincoln High School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

4) Northwestern Middle School, Jacksonville, Florida

3) South Philadelphia High School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2) John Bowne High School, Queens, New York

1) Cutler Bay Middle School, Florida

Cutler has 1,100 students.

There were 188 reported fights in one school year.

There are numerous filings of battery, theft, and drug affiliation.

4/10 Schools are in Pennsylvania.

3/10 Schools are in Florida.

2/10 Schools are in New York

1/10 Schools are in Maryland

7/10 Schools are high schools.

3/10 Schools are Elementary/Middle Schools.

In addition to Stealth Performance Communication being the perfect solution to the NGFR program aforementioned in this article, SPC School Security Applicaiton will be donated to ALL US Pre-Schools and K-12 Schools absolutely free. This will allow for instant connectivity for teachers to emergency response units without the need to dial 911. We are ready to make a true difference in the lives of families and children by ensuring their safety while at school.

If you would like to make a difference, contact your Local Government and Congressman.

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