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Sports Technology

Updated: May 5, 2018

How are we going to continue the advancement of the human species?

Will performance enhancing drugs be the only way to gain an edge?

Will the growth hacking of the human body reveal secrets that we have yet to discover?


Over the last several decades, major improvements have been notorious due to equipment design, as opposed to performance increases. In our current "era of marginal gains", any strategic edge an athlete can achieve (over long-term development) could make the difference between winning and losing. As Vince Lombardi once stated," The inches we need are all around us." This rings true for multiple scenarios, from advancements in periodization techniques, to superior nutritional countermeasures for expedited recovery.  The advantages we need are all around us, including the ones that may still be a secret.

Our Tactical Wearable Technology (TWT) and communications platform works on a military encrypted Ad HOC network that is part of our dedicated communications platform. This allows for everyone wearing one of our TWTs to communicate faster and more efficiently. We use coded messages and vibrations to eliminate the use for auditory and visual signals within sports. Our technology allows for a more proficient athlete. Our TWTs also eliminate a major language barrier in Baseball and Football.

On the backend of the platform, biometrics are being collected for vital data on each player. This allows us and the Strength and Conditioning coaches to be able to determine what needs to be done to prepare for games more effectively.

At Stealth Performance Communications, we believe many of these secrets resides in two main areas:

Real-Time Biometrics and Flow State.

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